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Welcome to Tarot for Women.

My name is Sinead and my passion in life is to empower YOU to live your best intuitive self. I believe Tarot can get you there.


You are here because you want to know more about Tarot and get in touch with your deep feminine and intuitive self

You want a clear path for how you’re going to learn the cards, empower yourself and follow your calling

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Happy students

  • You deliver in such a clear and apparently simple way and still encompass the complexities of the tarot world  — numerology, astrology, qabala, etc. - without making me feel like I am drowning in information. That is a gift you have - for teaching.
    Agnete Munck. Tarot coach and Professional Reader. Denmark.
  • Sinead is the best tarot reader & mentor I have ever come across. She is patient, guiding you through the cards and helping you to tap into your intuition.
    Angela Riddell
    Scotland. Professional Tarot Reader
  • Sinead's teaching style is warm, encouraging, engaging and rich and is infused with her passion for the craft of Tarot. She will help you to explore your own innate intuition and her sense of enthusiasm is infectious! You will discover a whole lot more about yourself, on this journey through the cards and others in the process.
    Melbourne, Australia. Professional Healer and Tarot Reader.
  • Sinead is truly intuitively gifted. Never have I met another so earthy and intuitive. She follows her heart with such conviction.
    Brydie Brown
    Victoria, Australia. Life Coach, Group Facilitator and Writer.
  • Sinead is a terrific teacher and I can't speak highly enough about her easy to follow teaching method and motivational approach.
    Julia Rudd
    Melbourne, Australia. Aromatherapist.
  • I absolutely adore Sinead's Academy of Tarot! Sinead's charming personality and expertise in Tarot comes through every video lesson and exercise.   I would recommend this Academy to anyone who has a sincere desire to discover the mysteries of Tarot.
    Heather Broadbent
    Bulgaria. Classical Holistic Violinist.
  • There are times in your life when you don't have a clue what you should do! In one of those tricky times the universe sent Sinead into my life.  When I've looked back in time, one thing was for sure. This woman was right!  
    Keren Grey
    Israel. Yoga and Permaculture Teacher.
  • Super fun and full of knowledge. Sinead is an expert in her field.
    Nia Dunbar
    London. Meditation and Mindfulness Coach.
  • You can tell Sinead has a lot of experience in reading tarot cards and working with the intuition. Highly recommended.
    Ilga Becker
    Berlin, Germany. SEO Consultant.
  • Sinead is super intuitive. I came away with a step by step plan of what I need to do next.
    Maria Antoniou
    U.K. Spiritual Coach.